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The age of meaningful gifts that rekindled spark in relationships makes us nostalgic. Hence, we aim to make thoughtful and personalised present exchange fashionable yet again. We encourage you to share a small fragment of your story with that special someone and help you create a beautiful gift around it. Pressie has been making relationships sweeter in Hong Kong and has now come to India to enrich the gifting experience in the country. It will soon embark on a journey to Singapore. Pressie is in love with the idea of making dear ones feel special. So, if you need something as basic as chocolates, we help you melt hearts by giving you the best options to choose from. Looking for flowers? We know how to add a lasting fragrance to your relationships with the best picks around. A cake would never taste any sweeter when ordered from Pressie and delivered with a dose of uniqueness that we add to the whole experience. So if the idea of giving an extraordinary and personalized gift gives you a high, be prepared to be addicted to our range of specialised presents for all occasions. We know that the smiles of dear ones are gorgeous. With our gifts, we help you go the extra mile to collect them and preserve them in your heart forever.